New ISO Standard for L&D Metrics Workshop

June 21  10.00 am – 2.00 pm CT Virtual

Members $199/ Nonmembers $299

This four-hour workshop will explore the new ISO Standard 30437 Learning and Development Metrics expected to be available from ISO in May or June. The new standard contains 52 metrics recommended for large organizations, including 15 for informal learning, and 19 for small/medium-sized organizations. The standard, based on TDRP, defines five user groups, four reasons for measuring, three types of metrics, and four types of reports. Metrics are recommended for each user group.

Dave Vance, who led the team that wrote the standard, will facilitate the workshop. He will start with a description of the two-year process to create the standard and a short discussion of how ISO standards are used. Then the focus will turn to a discussion of user groups and reasons to measure followed by an in-depth examination of the recommended metrics and their calculation. Last, attention will turn to the recommended reports based on the user and reason to measure. Participants will have an opportunity to identify metrics appropriate for their own organization.

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