What topics or speakers should we consider for the 2017 CTR Conference?

  • Repeat speakers
  • Everyone who presented this year was great! Dave is awesome and super-engaging.
  • More from Laurie Bassi and Jeff Higgins. Financial Accumen session was great, I would recommend that and from Laurie, more case studies.
  • New speakers
  • Perhaps consider inviting someone from the Univ. of North Texas or other area college (if in Dallas) who has an academic tilt to the topic.
  • “I would be interested in hearing from Josh Bersin and any other leader who helped put CTR on the map.
  • Case studies from industry leaders in talent management, measurement, and talent analytics (Disney, Southwest, TMobile, Amazon, Google, and Starbucks) with a mixture of organizations represented (retail, automotive, manufacturing, public sector, etc.).
  • Get an MTM client who is using the executive reporting module and putting action to the talk in a sustainable way.
  • ADP – Susan Hanold, PhD – She has spoken at ATD several times and is interested in sharing trends and best practices from client trends
  • YES!!! – Jorge Leuro and Todd Kruger, competency experts with Halliburton, they have published numerous SPE papers on this subject and are industry known leaders in competency measurement.
  • CTR Members beyond the Board of Directors or Advisers.
  • Make sure there are non-L&D breakouts at each time frame.
  • Go after current cutting edge organizations that are redefining the training and learning experience. I mentioned Amazon, Khan, Udemy, how about the military, how about SAP discussing gamification, how about colleges with distance learning platforms, or even GA Tech to discuss their MOOC format of their fully accredited MS in CS degree.  How about Tim Ferris where he teaches you how to be world class in the least amount of time and the implications his approach could have on training programs.  Have someone from PeopleDev at Google talk about their informal learning program, and not here’s why it’s hard for companies. I guess I’m saying let’s not talk that there is a problem, let’s find more of those who have figured it out so that can give the attendees more options in our minds for how to rise to the challenge.
  • Invite Alexis Fink, director of Intel’s Talent Intelligence and Analytics group
  • leadership development impact
  • Speakers
  • Esko Kilpi – foundations for Post-Industrial Work – http://www.kilpi.fi/
  • Workforce optimization technology solutions e.g. measuring the impact of augmented reality used to “”upskill”” workers
  • Folks from: http://conferences.oreilly.com/nextcon/economy-us-2015/public/content/speakers
  • Tamar Elkeles – whose book The Chief Learning Officer has inspired me for 4 years”
  • More practitioners from businesses and less from consulting agencies.
  • Success stories or change management
  • From a success standpoint, who has implemented TDRp in their company. Not only success stories, but approaches that have not worked. Or obstacles that stopped the process.”
  • The TDRp needs more success stories – showing the value in all areas of optimization of your deliverables – not JUST alignment which seems to be the heavy focus. TDRp allows one to increase efficiency and effectiveness and we need to see how that assists people running talent development teams
  • More speakers with stories of how they implemented TDRp or human capital analytics in the work place.
  • Present some case studies — perhaps from Carrie Beckstrom — along with a demonstration of real-live tools and techniques to help practitioners succeed in their effort.
  • Other topics
  • I would like to see them talk about security and sensitive information protection.
  • More about human capital analytics in general (along with the basics of TDRp)
  • HR Analytics as a whole
  • An ROI workshop.
  • More complete, comprehensive coverage of the topic of change management. “Just use your company’s existing change management approach” is a cop-out and doesn’t cut it. The questions from the audience during the conference indicated that attendees wanted more specifics on this subject.
  • If there has been any movement (actual implementation) on any of the 4 disruptive ideas, then I would like to see a speaker discuss what has happened. Regardless, I’d still like to hear an update from Laurie Bassie on how the SEC may require human capital reporting.
  • I think information on Gamification would be interesting.



What were the most beneficial aspects of the CTR Conference?


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