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Please click on a webinar link below to register. This will take you to the GoToWebinar registration site where you can select the date and register for the webinar. You will receive a confirmation and webinar link from GoToWebinar as well as a reminder the day before the webinar. Please contact Andy Vance, Operations Director, if you have any questions or need assistance registering. (AVance@CenterforTalentReporting.org)

Webinar PowerPoints and Recordings

All webinar recordings and PowerPoints will be available to Members within 48 hours at the Members Resource Center on the website Recordings and PowerPoints for Intro to TDRp, CTR Website Overview, and TDRp for Senior Leaders are available to all within 48 hours on the CTR homepage (CenterforTalentReporting.org). The PowerPoints for all other webinars will be e-mailed within 48 hours to all Nonmembers who registered for the webinar. The PowerPoint for Nonmembers will be available for 30 days. Recordings for all Webinars will be available to non members who registered for the webinar for 30 days. Please contact Andy Vance, Operations Director, for help in securing a recording or PowerPoint. (Note: Registrants will also receive notices of future webinars but may unsubscribe at any time.)

Scheduled Webinars:

Introduction to TDRp 11am to 12pm CT

Apr 3, Jul 9, Oct 2

The first webinar in the TDRp Series is designed to provide a high-level introduction to TDRp covering the framework, measures, and reports. This webinar is an excellent introduction to TDRp for Talent leaders, project managers and analysts who are not familiar with Talent Development Reporting principles. We recommend this webinar as a prerequisite to Setting Plans (Targets) for TDRp Measures. 60 minutes. PPT and Recording will be available concluding the Webinar. 

Register Today: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/rt/4125868294577443843

Setting Plans (Targets) for TDRp Measures 11am to 12:30pm CT 

Apr 4, Jul 10, Oct 3

The second webinar in the TDRp Series designed to follow Introduction to TDRp. Focuses on how to set the plan or target for outcome, effectiveness and efficiency measures. Special focus on the discussion with the sponsor or goal owner on how to set the plan for outcome measures. Introduction to TDRp is a recommended prerequisite. 90 minutes. 

Register Today: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/rt/6802705218700459779

Creating the Year-to-Date and Forecast Columns in TDRp Reports: Where Does the Data Come From? 11am to 12:30pm CT 

Feb 6, May 14, Aug 7, Nov 5

The third webinar in the TDRp Series designed to follow Reaching Agreement on Plans for TDRp Measures. Focuses on how to populate the year-to-date (YTD) and Forecast columns in TDRp reports. Introduction to TDRp and Setting Plans for TDRp Measures are recommended prerequisites. 90 minutes. 

Register Today: –https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/9059223035737419009

Using TDRp Reports to Manage Programs and the Department 11am to 12pm CT

Feb 13, May 15, Aug 8, Nov 6

The fourth webinar in the TDRp Series. Designed to follow Creating YTD and Forecast Columns. Focuses on how to use the reports once they have been created to identify and address management issues. Also discusses how to share results with senior leaders (like the CEO) and how to use the reports in all-employee meetings and when presenting to other departments. The first three webinars in the TDRp Series are recommended as prerequisites. 60 minutes. 

Register Today: –https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/5455462625027183361

TDRp Implementation Guidance 11am to 12pm CT


The fifth webinar in the TDRp Series designed to follow Using TDRp Reports to Manage Programs and the Department. Focuses on the ten steps for implementation. The first four webinars in the TDRp Series are recommended as prerequisites. 60 minutes. 

Register Today:  –

Change Management for TDRp Implementation 11am to 12:15pm CT 


The sixth webinar in the TDRp Series designed to follow TDRp Implementation Guidance. Focuses on the change which will be required and the critical success factors. Addresses key areas of resistance and how to overcome them. The first five webinars in the TDRp Series are recommended as prerequisites. 75 minutes. 

Register Today: –

Financial Acumen By Jeff Higgins

Part 1 TBA

Part 2 TBA

Join Jeff Higgins, former CFO and SVPHR of several organizations, to learn the five steps to improve your financial acumen and become a more valued (and appreciated!) business partner. He will discuss how business leaders think, the type of information they expect in a business case or financial statement and what they generally think of HR (and why). Find out what it takes to make a business case that resonates with business partners. Jeff will share his own experiences dealing with HR and why many requests from HR are denied. 60 minutes. Offered every quarter with Parts 1 and 2 alternating. Accounting Basics is recommended as a prerequisite.

Register Today: – Part 1 TBA

                                Part 2 TBA

CTR Website Overview 11am to 12pm CT

Mar 21, Jun 5, Sep 25, Dec 11

CTR staff will provide a guided tour of the website and its content. This webinar is intended for those new to the website or those who want to ensure they are aware of the available resources. The tour will cover both the publicly available content and the content restricted to members only. Join this webinar to learn:

  • How to navigate the Center for Talent Reporting website
  • Where to find the critical content and how best to use it including:
    • TDRp white papers
    • The measures library (public and restricted)
    • Sample statements and reports (public and restricted)
    • Implementation guidance (restricted)
    • Resources for communicating TDRp to others
    • Webinar PowerPoints and recordings
    • Implementation job aids (restricted)
    • Information about certification and accreditation
    • Information about CTR mission, vision, bylaws, governance, staff
    • Members only page (restricted)
    • Sponsorships
    • Events and registration

Register now to ensure you are taking full advantage of this content-rich site. 60 minutes. 

Register Today: –https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/rt/4936072023763511297

TDRp For Senior Leaders 10am to 11pm CT


This webinar is for department heads, directors and other leaders who are thinking about implementing TDRp or who are just curious about it. Topics include:

  • Business case for TDRp
  • Different approaches for applying and implementing TDRp within the Talent and HR function
  • The importance and role of the department head in a successful implementation
  • Recommended resources for successful implementation
  • Typical implementation timelines for each approach
  • Critical success factors

Registration will be limited to allow for interaction, dialogue and questions. 60 minutes.

Register Today: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/rt/4346024607318792707

Accounting Basics for HR Professionals 10am to 11pm CT

March 5

Attend this session to learn the basics of financial statements and some commonly used accounting concepts. Dave Vance from CTR will focus on what you are likely to actually need in your role as an L&D or HR professional and comment on his experience using them at Caterpillar. The goal of the session is to increase your understanding of the important concepts and terms and increase your confidence in talking about them. This is a recommended prerequisite to Financial Acumen. 

RegisterToday: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/rt/2461997139473476867

Creating a Measurement Strategy 11:am to 12:15pm CT 

Feb 28, Jun 4, Sep 24, Dec 10

CTR staff will share the essential elements of a measurement strategy and provide advice on how to create one. The webinar will be conducted using the TDRp framework but the strategy can be implemented independently of TDRp. Introduction to TDRp is recommended as a prerequisite. 75 minutes.

Register today: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/rt/5386193393520412419

Data Gathering Methods and Considerations 11am to 12pm CT


Join Peggy Parskey from CTR to build your knowledge and understanding of considerations in gathering data that will yield credible and meaningful executive reports. Peggy will share how to identify data sources and their reliability, prioritize what data to gather, and determine the appropriate level of granularity (establishing demographics and data cuts). This webinar is required for certification but open to all. 60 minutes. 

Register Today:

The Six HR Processes 10am to 11am CT


Join Peggy Parskey from CTR to build your knowledge and understanding the interplay between the six key HR processes (Capability Management Processes, L&D, Total Rewards, Leadership Development, Talent Acquisition, and Performance Management) and their key outcome measures. Peggy will also share the key sub processes and their relationship to the main processes. This webinar is required for certification but open to all CTR members.

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