Measurement Demystified Webinars

2023 Webinar Series

Measurement and Reporting for L&D—An In-Depth Examination of the Most Important Topics

Join us for this expanded, nine-part online series to learn the latest thinking and techniques for measurement and reporting from one of the profession’s leading authorities. Each session will focus on one or two key topics and build on the previous sessions. Choose individual sessions to suit your interest or join us for all eight to provide a comprehensive overview of the topic.

Each online session will be 60 minutes, including questions. The sessions will also be recorded so you can listen at your convenience. Each session will begin with a brief overview of the framework and end with steps you can take to implement the key concepts. Every effort will be made to answer questions from the participants in real time. A certificate of completion will be awarded to those who attend all eight sessions.

Dr. David Vance, Executive Director of the Center for Talent Reporting and former Chief Learning Officer for Caterpillar, will conduct the series. Dave and his team at Caterpillar won numerous awards for measurement, and Caterpillar University was ranked #1 in the 2005 ATD BEST Awards.  Dave was selected as 2006 CLO of the Year by Chief Learning Officer magazine. He recently published the second edition of his textbook, The Business of Learning, and he is the co-author with Peggy Parskey of Introduction to Measurement, Analytics and Reporting to be published by ATD in October. He teaches human capital management in two Ph.D. programs as well as the executive education program at George Mason University. Dave speaks at ATD ICE each year and is a frequent speaker at other events as well. The Center for Talent Reporting is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the measurement, reporting and management of human capital through publications, speaking, workshops and an annual conference.

All webinars begin at 11 am CT (Noon ET, 10 MT, 9 PT)

Session 1

Introduction to Measurement, Reporting and the Talent Development Reporting Framework

January 17 | 11 am CT

In the first session we will begin by addressing the four overarching reasons for measuring which will provide the foundation for all seven sessions. These four reasons (inform, monitor, evaluate, and manage) will be captured in a measurement hierarchy. We will also define measurement and analytics and explore the differences between the two. Next, we will share the Talent Development Reporting Principles (TDRp) framework for organizing the 170+ measures we have in learning. This framework provides a common language and classification scheme not only for the learning profession but for all HR processes. We will then introduce you to the four general types of reports used in the profession and the three specific TDRp management reports. Last, we will briefly explore the new SEC requirements and the ISO standards for human capital reporting.


Session 2

Focus on Efficiency Measures

February 15 | 11 am CT

In the second session we will explore efficiency measures in detail. Efficiency measures represent the largest category of measures in learning and include measures such as number of participants, costs, completion rates and dates, utilization rates, and reach. If a measure’s name begins with “number of” it is usually an efficiency measure. More than 100 efficiency measures will be shared, including those for informal as well as formal learning. We will also share which efficiency measures are recommended by ISO and which are benchmarked by ATD.


Session 3

Focus on Effectiveness and Outcome Measures

March 15 | 11 am CT

In the third session we will explore the other two categories of measures in detail (effectiveness and outcome). In learning these measures are known as the four levels of Kirkpatrick and the five levels of Phillips. We will explore the difference between the two approaches for level 4 in detail, giving special attention to Phillips’ level 4 impact which will double as an outcome measure. Special attention will be paid to the issue of isolating the impact of learning from other factors, which continues to be one of the most contentious in the field. We will also share which effectiveness measures are commonly benchmarked.


Session 4

Selecting Your Measures

April 12 | 11 am CT

In the fourth session we will provide detailed guidance on how to use the TDRp framework to select the measures that are right for you, which is typically the most difficult part of creating a measurement strategy. We will begin by examining measures for individual programs that are aligned to goals and needs as well as courses that are not aligned. Next, we will explore initiatives designed to improve processes and systems, including informal learning. As well as initiatives to improve efficiency or effectiveness measures across all programs. Last, we will explore measures to aggregate across programs and initiatives.


Session 5

Reporting and Running Learning Like a Business

May 16 | 11 am CT

In the fifth session, we will describe the different types of reports in detail  and explore how measures are used in scorecards, dashboards and reports. We will revisit the purpose of measures discussion from the first session and share detailed recommendations about which reports are appropriate depending on the purpose of the measures.) We will also explore the concept of running like a business and its implications for reporting. Examples will also be provided in all cases.


Session 6

The Three TDRp Management Reports

June 14 | 11 am CT

In the sixth session, we will explore the three types of TDRp reports (program, operations, and summary) in detail. These three reports are recommended to manage learning and are an essential part of running learning like a business. The program report is used to manage an individual program to meet a specific company goal or need. The operations report is used to manage improvement in efficiency and effectiveness measures across all programs. It is also used to manage department initiatives to improve processes and systems. The summary report is intended for senior leaders like the CEO, CFO and governing board. It is a high-level summary demonstrating alignment, impact and improvements in efficiency and effectiveness.


Session 7

Creating Plan Numbers

July 19 | 11 am CT

In the seventh session, we will explore where the numbers come from that are used
in the TDRp management reports. Our focus in this session will be on creating
plan numbers, which form the basis for running learning like a business and are
the most important numbers in any management report. This session will be more
technical than the others but will provide excellent insight into creation and
use of the reports.


Session 8

Reporting Year-to-Date Results and Creating Forecasts

August 9 | 11 am CT

In the eighth session, we continue to explore where the numbers come from that are used in the TDRp management reports. Our focus this month will be on reporting and using year-to-date results, including how to estimate them when necessary. Our second focus will be on creating forecasts, which are another distinguishing feature of management reports. Like last month’s session, this session will be more technical than the others but will provide excellent insight into creation and use of the reports. Statistical significance for effectiveness measures will be addressed as will the use of seasonally adjusted data in forecasting.


Session 9

Creating Your Measurement and Reporting Strategy

September 13 | 11 am CT

The ninth and final session is the culmination of your journey. We will provide
guidance on how to use all that you have learned in the first eight sessions to
create a robust measurement and reporting strategy. We will share the
recommended steps and elements that you should consider, including the creation
of measures library. We will conclude with thoughts on roles and
responsibilities as well as change management considerations.


Other Webinars 2023

Sneak Peek at New ISO Standard for L&D Metrics

April 19 | 11.00 am – 12.00 pm CT

May 10 | 11.00 am – 12.00 pm CT (repeat of April 19 webinar)

Join Dave for a sneak peek at the new ISO standard for L&D Metrics which should be available in May or June. Dave, who led the team that wrote the standard, will share the two-year process behind the standard and the key elements in the standard, including the intended user groups, the classification of metrics, and an overview of the recommended metrics. The standard, based on TDRP, contains recommendations for both large and small/medium-sized organizations based on type of user. A four-hour workshop is planned for June 21 to explore the standard in detail and provide participants an opportunity to apply the standard in their own organization.



The SEC Has Mandated Public Reporting of Key Human Capital Measures: Are You Ready?

March 29 | 11 am CT

The US Securities and Exchange Commission adopted new rules in August 2020
mandating public disclosure of material key human capital metrics and
initiatives for all publicly traded companies in the US. These rules became
effective November 9 with no grace period so companies must begin to disclose
material human capital information with their next quarterly or annual release.

Given the tight labor market, other organizations will eventually be forced to
follow. The recently released standards for human capital reporting by ISO
will be used by many as a starting point in deciding what to disclose and as a
defense against a shareholder lawsuit for failure to disclose material human
capital information.

Join us for this webinar to learn more about both the SEC’s new rules and ISO’s
recommendations. Particular attention will be given to the eight ISO
recommended measures for learning and development, including the proposed
definitions. The webinar will conclude with a recommended strategy to address
the new requirements and a list of starter measures for your organization’s

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