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New Webinar Series for 2019

Measurement and Reporting for L&D—The Latest Thinking

Join us for this four-part online series to learn the latest thinking and techniques for measurement and reporting from one of the profession’s leading authorities. Each session will focus on two or three key topics and build on the previous sessions. Choose individual sessions to suit your interest or join us for all four to provide a comprehensive overview of the topic.

Each online session will be 60 minutes, including questions. The sessions will also be recorded so you can listen at your convenience. Each session will begin with a brief recap of the previous sessions and end with steps you can take to implement the key concepts. Every effort will be made to answer questions from the participants in real time.

Dr. David Vance, Executive Director of the Center for Talent Reporting and former Chief Learning Officer for Caterpillar, will conduct the series. Dave and his team at Caterpillar won numerous awards for measurement, and Caterpillar University was ranked #1 in the 2005 ATD BEST Awards.  Dave was selected as 2006 CLO of the Year by Chief Learning Officer magazine. He recently published the second edition of his textbook, The Business of Learning, and he teaches human capital management in two Ph.D. programs as well as the executive education program at George Mason University. Dave speaks at ATD ICE each year and is a frequent speaker at other events as well. The Center for Talent Reporting is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the measurement, reporting and management of human capital through publications, speaking, workshops and an annual conference.

All webinars begin at 10 am MT (Noon ET, 11 CT, 9 PT)

New Webinar Series: Session 1

Introduction to Measurement and the Talent Development Reporting Framework

February 12, June 11, and Oct 9

In the first session we will begin by addressing the four overarching reasons for measuring which will provide the foundation for all four sessions. These four reasons (inform, monitor, evaluate, and manage) will be captured in a measurement hierarchy. Next, we will share the Talent Development Reporting Principles (TDRp) framework for organizing the 170+ measures we have in learning. This framework provides a common language and classification scheme not only for the learning profession but for all HR processes. Last, we will explore the first category of measures (efficiency) in detail focusing on the most commonly used ones.


New Webinar Series: Session 2

Focus on Effectiveness and outcome Measures

March 12, July 9, and November 5

In the second session we will explore the other two categories of measures in detail (effectiveness and outcome). In learning these measures are known as the four levels of Kirkpatrick and the five levels of Phillips. We will explore the difference between the two approaches for level 4 in detail, giving special attention to Phillips’ level 4 impact which will double as an outcome measure. Special attention will be paid to the issue of isolating the impact of learning from other factors, which continues to be one of the most contentious in the field.


New Webinar Series: Session 3

Creating Your Measurement Strategy

April 17, August 12, and December 10

This session will begin by identifying the elements of a robust measurement strategy. Next, building on the first two sessions, we will identify measures appropriate for various learning programs and for various department initiatives. For example, what should you measure for a leadership development program, a compliance program, onboarding, etc.? We will conclude with recommendations on creating a measurement library.


New Webinar Series: Session 4


May 13, September 10, and January 14, 2020

This session represents the culmination of the series where the measures explored in the first three sessions are put to work in scorecards, dashboards and reports. The appropriate place for the measures and their use will depend on their purpose from session one. The three types of TDRp reports (program operations and summary) will be shared and examples provided. Examples will also be provided for dashboards to use in monitoring measures. The session concludes with recommendations for creating your own reporting strategy


Other Webinars

JetBlue Takes Learning Measurement to New Heights

May 29 • 11 am – 12 pm CDT
Presenters: Lauren Kramer, Manager, Assessment, Measurement & Evaluation (AME), JetBlue Univeristy and Jeffrey Berk, COO, Performitiv

This webinar will include insights from JetBlue about its learning measurement process and emerging measurement practices. Lauren Kramer from JetBlue will review how the company utilizes quantitative and qualitative data to manage program quality while also telling its impact story. Examples of scorecards organized by efficiency, effectiveness and outcomes will also be shared. 

In this webinar you will also learn:

  • How to use learning metrics to improve learning programs
  • Share insights for using data to tell the story of learning impact
  • Review sample scorecards based on efficiency, effectiveness, and outcomes


The New ISO Human Capital Reporting Standards Just Published—What Do You Need to Know?

April 29 • 2 pm – 3 pm CDT
Presenter: Jeff Higgins, CEO, Human Capital Management Institute (HCMI)

The International Standards Organization (ISO) published their first standards for human capital reporting in December covering 54 measures. The document provides guidance for internal and external reporting by both large and small organizations. While the recommendation is for voluntary disclosure, early adopters are expected to start disclosing in the next several years and some countries will mandate adoption of the standards, including public reporting. The standard is the culmination of a great deal of work by an ISO working group representing experts from numerous countries over the last three years led by Stefanie Becker from Germany.

Join Jeff Higgins, CEO of the Human Capital Management Institute (HCMI), to get an insider’s view of the standards and the processes that led to their creation as well as the reasons why the standards are necessary. Jeff has been an active member of the ISO working group since its inception.

Jeff will explore the following:

  • The need for human capital reporting standards in general and more specifically the need for public disclosure of key human capital measures
  • The process used by ISO to create the standards
  • The types of measures covered
  • Prospects for adoption and steps organizations should begin to take now to be ready


Measure, Communicate and Improve L&D Impact

February 5 • 11 am – 12 pm CST
Presenters: Kent Barnett, CEO, Performitiv and Bob Mosher, Chief Learning Evangelist, Apply Synergies

Most L&D professionals struggle addressing the issues of impact, business outcomes, and ROI. This session will help you do all of those in a practical, scalable way. Join us to see what two well-known leaders in our industry are recommending. In this webinar you’ll learn the different ways to measure impact, how to link L&D to business outcomes and understand what to do with your learning measurement data. By the end of this session you’ll be better equipped to measure, communicate and improve impact and understand best practices in addressing the issue of ROI.

Setting Plans (Targets) for TDRp Measures

January 23 • 11 am – 12 pm CST

This webinar is designed to follow the Introduction to TDRp webinar. It focuses on how to set the plan or target for outcome, effectiveness and efficiency measures. Special focus is placed on the discussion with the sponsor or goal owner for how to set the plan for outcome measures.

Introduction to TDRp

January 22 • 11 am – 12 pm CST

Introduction to Talent Development Reporting principles (TDRp) provides a high-level introduction to TDRp covering the framework, measures, and reports. This webinar is an excellent introduction to TDRp for talent leaders, project managers, and analysts who are not familiar with the methodology. We recommend this webinar as a prerequisite to Setting Plans (Targets) for TDRp Measures webinar.

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Webinar Recordings

All webinar recordings and PowerPoints will be available to CTR members within 48 hours at the Members Resource Center on the website.  Recordings and PowerPoints for Intro to TDRp, CTR Website Overview, and TDRp for Senior Leaders are available to all within 48 hours on the CTR homepage (CenterforTalentReporting.org). The PowerPoints for all other webinars will be e-mailed within 48 hours to all Nonmembers who registered for the webinar. The PowerPoint for Nonmembers will be available for 30 days. Recordings for all Webinars will be available to non members who registered for the webinar for 30 days. Please contact Andy Vance, Operations Director, for help in securing a recording or PowerPoint. (Note: Registrants will also receive notices of future webinars but may unsubscribe at any time.)


TDRp Implementation Guidance

The fifth webinar in the TDRp Series designed to follow Using TDRp Reports to Manage Programs and the Department. Focuses on the ten steps for implementation. The first four webinars in the TDRp Series are recommended as prerequisites. 60 minutes. 


Change Management for TDRp

The sixth webinar in the TDRp Series designed to follow TDRp Implementation Guidance. Focuses on the change which will be required and the critical success factors. Addresses key areas of resistance and how to overcome them. The first five webinars in the TDRp Series are recommended as prerequisites. 75 minutes. 

Financial Acumen

Part 1 & Part 2

Join Jeff Higgins, former CFO and SVPHR of several organizations, to learn the five steps to improve your financial acumen and become a more valued (and appreciated!) business partner. He will discuss how business leaders think, the type of information they expect in a business case or financial statement and what they generally think of HR (and why). Find out what it takes to make a business case that resonates with business partners. Jeff will share his own experiences dealing with HR and why many requests from HR are denied. 60 minutes. Offered every quarter with Parts 1 and 2 alternating. Accounting Basics is recommended as a prerequisite.