Want to Have a Greater Impact?

Want to Have a Greater Impact?

By David Vance

Learning and development (L&D) has the potential to significantly contribute to your organization’s results. What steps are you taking to maximize your impact? Here are four for your consideration. Read More Here


  1. steve-while there is certainly no sargthoe of bad management out there (and carly fraudarino was ceryinly up there on the list of liars and value destroyers, check out her time at LU), there are also always lots of great ones too.IBM looked like ti was cooked, but had a VERY successful reinvention.the same is true of apple, though i fear their rein is coming to an end.personally, i prefer micro caps because you get much purer plays on management and innovation and lack the bureaucracy and legacy issue of the big guys.i prefer to invest in the clever little rodents eating eggs than the big dinosaurs laying them.

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