Virtual Human Capital Reporting Workshop

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Upcoming Workshop Date

ATTENTION: The next workshop will be scheduled in early 2022 after the SEC publishes further guidance in Fall 2021.

*Receive $100 off per person for groups of three or more. Please call Andy Vance at 309-696-1382 to book a group reservation.

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Join us to learn about the new SEC rule mandating human capital disclosure and how the ISO guidelines on human capital reporting can be used to meet the SEC rule and form the basis of your human capital reporting strategy.

We will explore the history and the driving factors behind the SEC rule as well as the all-important concept of “materiality”. We will also do a deep dive into the 2018 ISO human capital reporting guidelines which contain 60 metrics for both public and internal reporting. The ISO metrics will be the starting point for many in their human capital reporting strategy.

We will also explore the elements of a human capital reporting strategy and examine the human capital reporting by some leading companies.

What Participants Will Learn

  • The history and background of the SEC rule
  • The SEC requirements for public reporting
  • The meaning of “materiality”
  • The history and background of the ISO human capital reporting guidelines
  • The 59 metrics recommended by ISO
  • The names, definitions, formulas and nuances of the 23 metrics ISO recommends for public disclosure
  • Additional metrics that you should consider for inclusion in your reporting
  • How to determine “materiality” and how to select the metrics that are right for you
  • How to use the selected metrics
  • The elements of a good human capital reporting strategy
  • How to create your own reporting strategy, including metrics for public and internal use

Participants Will Leave With

  • A deeper understanding of the SEC rules, ISO guidelines, the 59 ISO metrics, and the concept and application of “materiality”
  • Draft list of metrics for inclusion in your strategy
  • Outline for your human capital reporting strategy

Who Should Attend

  • Anyone in L&D or HR responsible for creating your company’s human capital reporting strategy
  • Anyone in L&D or HR responsible for measurement or data analytics
  • Anyone in L&D or HR interested in the SEC rule or ISO standard
  • Anyone in a consulting or vendor organization who would like to help clients develop their human capital reporting strategy

Workshop Format

The workshop is limited to 15 participants. Pre-workshop reading will be available approximately two weeks prior to the workshop. Homework assignments will be made each day, including the drafting of a human capital reporting strategy to be shared in the follow-up session on March 3 (optional)

This event is very interactive and hands-on. There will be numerous group discussions and all participants will have an opportunity to apply what they have learned using case studies and examples from their own organization.

We recommend having two or three individuals from the same organization attend together so they can discuss and apply the concepts in real time.