• “You personally meet and interact with the innovative thinkers who are shaping the future of L & D as well as other like-minded forward looking L & D leaders. This is the conference to attend if you are looking to take the next steps to becoming a more effective business partner! Don McGray”
  • Talent Analytics, especially when it comes to Learning and Development is getting increased focus. It’s as if the business schools have added it to their curriculum the way the C-Suite is starting to expect meaningful reporting and evidence of contribution. The wave has been building for a while now and we need to get on quick so we can ride it successfully. There is no better way to do this that to learn from the industry experts, the ‘inventors’ of the methodology and those that have seen success. The CTR conference will expose you to lessons, some hard lessons and others inspiring messages of success, either way, valuable insight to enhance what you do when you get back to your organization.
  • “The opportunity to gain knowledge, reaffirm efforts that we do have in place, as well as brainstorm solutions with others who share similar struggles and/or concerns was invaluable. I found it to be a highly useful, practical experience, bookended by industry leaders motivating us to keep thinking strategically and progressively.
  • Paul Scott, M.A.
  • Manager, Learning and Development
  • UT Southwestern Medical Center”
  • I was blown away by the quality of the speakers. I also walked away with very valuable tools and resources that I put into use immediately.
  • CTR Week was the single most impactful, relevant, useful, and exciting conference I’ve attended in 25 years! For 2 years, based only on reading the website, and attending 2 webinars, I’ve been gushing about CTR to clients in 15 Asia Pacific countries and 3 North American nations. I attended the 5-day CTR week to “seek first to understand” human capital measurement in my new role as VP of software training company. As a result of the conference, my new personal business goal is TDRp certification by December 2016. My new corporate goal is TDRp accreditation for my company by June 2017. These will be ranked priorities! We hope to build TDRp-accredited software to help our clients measure the impact of our services. We are so “all-in” on this that I have begun using the concepts with my family of 4 kids. We already set goals. Now, thanks to CTR, we will prioritize them, and track our progress using cool new tools – fun, not work – trust me! Thank you Dave & Andy Vance, Peggy Parskey, Kevin Jones, Cushing Anderson, Jeff Higgins, Jean Martin, Gene Pease, Laurie Bassi, Alwyn Klein, Carrie Beckstrom, Jac Fitz-enz, Patti Phillips, and Ed Trolley for enriching my life both at work and at home! – Sincerely, Mike Reid, Vice President, DevelopIntelligence
  • As a student, the CTR Conference is beneficial for an upcoming young professional. It is a great way to network and learn from mature practitioners and scholars in the field. The vast amount of knowledge that I gained from the conference is unforgettable. I look forward to applying what I learned in my new organization.
  • The CTR conference provided an opportunity to not only hear What by How and Why on the concept of HR Analytics and Measurement. The speakers were incredibly thought provoking, and even if you are familiar with the concept, the ideas discussed in the sessions will give you ideas on how to improve your processes.
  • Every Talent Management professional can benefit from the CTR conference. You will not only learn how to run your department like a business, but you will learn how to use data to improve your effectiveness.
  • The CTR Conference offered dynamic and thought provoking information on using analytics and building measurement programs for L&D that expands business function. The better we can do in the L&D community to merge our function to the business goals the more we will become valued business partner, this conference provides the tools to carry this out.


What were the most beneficial aspects of the CTR Conference?

What topics or speakers should we consider for the 2017 CTR Conference?


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