TDRp Certification and Accreditation

Introduction to TDRp Certification and Accreditation

Certification and Accreditation are now available to recognize mastery of TDRp concepts and principles. CTR provides both certification for individual practitioners and consultants as well as software that automates the TDRp process. In addition, CTR provides accreditation to Talent organizations as well as consultancies that provide TDRp implementation services. Read More…

For detailed information on the end-to-end certification and accreditation process, click here to read the 35-page TDRp Certification and Accreditation document


TDRp Certifications and Accreditations

TDRp Professional CertificationTDRp Software Accreditation
Kendall Kerekes, KnowledgeAdvisorsKnowledgeAdvisors
Chris LeBrun, KnowledgeAdvisors
Michelle Reider, KnowledgeAdvisors
Jim Abbinanti, ADP
Karen Bonn, ADP
Leslie Schultz, Kaleidoscope Strategy and Development
Sarah Dubman, BPI
TDRp Consultancy CertificationTDRp Talent Organization Accreditation
Jeff Carpenter, Caveo
Alwyn Klein, Caveo
Keri Meeker, Caveo
Gary Schafer, Caveo