(CEB Hosted Webinar)Talent Development Reporting Principles (TDRp): A Better Way to Manage and Report Human Capital

Noon -1 ET on Nov 23.

Our profession does not do a good job managing human capital. This is evident in the lack of proactive, strategic discussions with senior leaders about the role of human capital; the virtual nonexistence of business plans for human capital with specific, measurable goals; and the lack of disciplined reporting throughout the year to ensure goals are achieved. We don’t know how to speak the language of business or make a convincing case for investment, and we struggle to demonstrate our alignment and value. This reflects both a lack of industry standards and a lack of knowledge on the part of HR professionals. It also reflects a lower standard for HR – most senior leaders just don’t believe they can demand the same from us as they demand from our colleagues. TDRp is an industry-led initiative to address these issues through the implementation of internal reporting and management standards for all key human capital processes like L&D, talent acquisition, and leadership development.

This webinar – led by Dave Vance, Executive Director of the nonprofit Center for Talent Reporting – will introduce the TDRp framework, including the application of standard management principles to HR, and discuss how you it can help you plan, measure, and manage to deliver greater organizational impact.

You will learn

  • How to align your talent initiatives to organizational goals and show planned impact
  • What is required to run HR with business discipline
  • Why effectiveness, efficiency, and outcome measures are all important
  • How to create reports to manage programs and functions to deliver planned results

Webinar open to CEB members. Register online at CEB or contact your CEB representative for further information.

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