New Sample Reports for L&D Now Available

CTR publishes sample L&D reports to provide guidance and ideas to practitioners. We are happy to announce that we’ve completely updated and revised these reports to reflect our latest thinking and the evolution of Talent Development Reporting principles (TDRp).

Get the latest reports here.

If you’re a CTR member, you have access to the editable, Excel versions, which may be used as a starting point or template to customize for your own purposes. Non-members may download a PDF version of the reports to use as a reference.

What’s New

The revised resources include samples for both private and government sectors. Samples are also provided for qualitative, quantitative and mixed outcome measures, including:

  • Lists for effectiveness, efficiency and outcome measures
  • Statements for effectiveness, efficiency and outcome measures
  • Four different Summary Reports, each using different types of outcome measures
  • Four different Program Reports which vary in complexity
  • One Operations Report

Some Tips for Use

We recommend practitioners start by compiling lists of the measures they anticipate using and then create one list for each type of measure. If the measure will be managed to a target or plan during the year, then one of the three reports is recommended. This will be the case for most of your important measures.

If the measure is to answer a question, determine if a trend exists or provide basic information, then a statement or scorecard is appropriate. These contain actual results, usually by month or quarter.

In contrast, reports will include a plan or target for each measure as well as year-to-date results and ideally a forecast of the measure is expected to end the year.

More Updates To Come

Work is underway to update the lists, statements and reports for the other HR disciplines, like leadership development and talent acquisition. If you have any questions or would like more information about these reports, please contact David Vance, Executive Director,


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