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2021 TDRp WEBINAR SERIES: Recordings and Presentations

Measurement and Reporting for L&D—An In-Depth Examination of the Most Important Topics

Nine-part, online series to get the latest thinking and techniques for measurement and reporting. Each session is lead by David Vance, one of the profession’s leading authorities, and focuses on a few key topics, each building on the previous one. All eight sessions provide a comprehensive overview of measurement and reporting.


Introduction to Measurement, Reporting and the Talent Development Reporting Framework

This session begins by addressing the four overarching reasons for measuring: inform, monitor, evaluate, and manage. This provides the foundation for the entire webinar series. We then review Talent Development Reporting principles (TDRp) framework for organizing the 170+ learning measures. This framework provides a common language and classification scheme for both the learning and HR professions. Lastly, we explore the first category of measures (efficiency) in detail, focusing on the most commonly used ones.

Introduction to TDRP April 2022

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Focus on Efficiency Measures

This session explores efficiency measures in detail. Efficiency measures represent the largest category of measures in learning and include measures such as: the number of participants, costs, completion rates and dates, utilization rates, and reach. If a measure’s name begins with, “number of…” it is usually an efficiency measure. More than 100 efficiency measures will be shared, including those for informal and formal learning. We also share which efficiency measures are recommended by ISO and which are benchmarked by ATD.


Focus on Effectiveness and Outcome Measures

This session explores effectiveness and outcome measures in detail. In learning, these measures are known as the Four Levels of Kirkpatrick and the Five Levels of Phillips. We examine the difference between the two approaches for Level 4 giving special attention to Phillips’ Level 4 impact which doubles as an outcome measure. Special attention is paid to how to isolate the impact of learning from other factors, which is one of the most contentious in the field. We also share which effectiveness measures are commonly benchmarked.


Selecting Your Measures

This session provides detailed guidance on how to use the Talent Development Reporting principles (TDRp) framework to select the measures that are right for you—which is typically the most difficult part of creating a measurement strategy. We begin this webinar by examining measures for individual programs that are aligned to goals and needs as well as courses that are not aligned. Next, we explore initiatives designed to improve processes and systems, including informal learning and initiatives to improve efficiency/effectiveness measures across all programs. Finally, we discuss measures to aggregate across programs and initiatives.


Reporting and Running Learning Like a Business

In this session we describe the different types of reports in detail and explore how measures are used in scorecards, dashboards, and reports. We revisit the purpose of measures and share detailed recommendations about which reports are appropriate depending on the purpose of the measures. We discuss how to run learning like a business and its implications for reporting. Examples are provided and discussed.


The Three TDRp Measurement Reports

In this session we explore the three types of Talent Development Reporting principles (TDRp) reports: program, operations, and summary. These three reports are recommended to manage learning and are essential to running learning like a business. A program report is used to manage an individual program to meet a specific company goal or need. The operations report is used to manage improvement in efficiency and effectiveness measures across all programs. It is also used to manage department initiatives to improve processes and systems. The summary report is intended for senior leaders (CEO, CFO, and governing board). It is a high-level summary demonstrating alignment, impact, and improvements in efficiency and effectiveness.

Three TDRp Management Reports, PPT

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Three TDRp Management Reports, Video

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Creating Plan Numbers, Year-to-Date Results, and Forecasts

In this session, we explore where the numbers come from that are used in the Talent Development Reporting principles (TDRp) management reports. We focus on how to create plan numbers, create or use year-to-date results, and create forecasts. This session is more technical that other webinars in this series and provides excellent insight into creating and using the reports. We address the statistical significance of effectiveness measures and seasonality in forecasting.

Creating Plan Numbers, PPT

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Creating Plan Numbers, Video

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Reporting Year-to-Date Results and Making Forecasts

In this session we continue to explore where the numbers come from that are used in the TDRp management reports. Our focus is on reporting and using year-to-date results, including how to estimate them when necessary. We cover creating forecasts and using reports. This session is more technical than the others in our series but will provide excellent insights. Statistical significance for effectiveness measures is addressed as is the use of seasonally-adjusted data in forecasting.


Creating Your Measurement and Reporting Strategy

In this session, we provide guidance on how to use all that you learn in the previous sessions to create a robust measurement and reporting strategy. We provide recommendations for the elements that should be included in your measures library. We conclude with thoughts on roles, responsibilities, and change management considerations.

OTHER TDRp WEBINARS: Recordings and Presentations

Public Reporting of Key Human Capital Measures is Coming: Are You Ready?

The US Securities and Exchange Commission will adopt new rules in 2020 mandating public disclosure of material key human capital metrics and initiatives for all publicly traded companies. Given the tight labor market, other organizations will eventually be forced to follow. The recently released standards for human capital reporting by ISO will be used by many as a starting point in deciding what to disclose and as a defense against a shareholder lawsuit for failure to disclose material human capital information.

Join us for this webinar to learn more about both the SEC’s new rules and ISO’s recommendations. Particular attention will be given to the eight ISO recommended measures for learning and development, including the proposed definitions. The webinar will conclude with a recommended strategy to address the new requirements and a list of starter measures for your organization’s consideration.

Creating Year-to-Date and Forecast Columns in TDRp Reports

Creating Plan Numbers, PPT

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Creating Plan Numbers, Video

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Using TDRp Reports to Manage Programs and Departments

The Six HR Processes

This webinar is an introduction to the six HR processes besides L&D and to the employee life cycle.

The Six HR Processes

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The Six HR Processes

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Data Gathering Considerations

This webinar is an introduction to the issues around data gathering and provides some recommended approaches.

Data Gathering Considerations, Video

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TDRp Implementation Guidance

This webinar is designed to follow the Introduction to TDRp and Implementation webinar. It focuses on the steps needed for implementation and the change management required for success.

TDRp Implementation Guidance, PPT

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TDRp Implementation Guidance, Video

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TDRp Implementation Critical Success Factors

This webinar is designed to follow Using TDRp Reports to Manage Programs and the Department. It focuses on the 10 steps needed for implementation. The first four webinars in the TDRp Series are recommended as prerequisites.

TDRp Change Management

This webinar is designed to follow TDRp Implementation Guidance and focuses on the change management and critical factors required for success. This event addresses key areas of resistance and how to overcome them. The first five webinars in the TDRp Series are recommended as prerequisites.

TDRp Change Management, PPT

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TDRp Change Management, Video

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Planning, Estimating, and Forecasting

GUEST WEBINARS: Recordings and Presentations

ISO Human Capital Reporting Standards—What You Need to Know

This webinar provides an inside view of the standards and processes that led to the creation of the ISO Human Capital Reporting standards. You’ll learn why we need human capital reporting standards and more specifically, the need for public disclosure of key human capital measures. You’ll understand the process used by the ISO to create the standards, the types of measured covered, prospects for adoption, and steps organizations should take to be ready.

Measure, Communicate, and Improve L&D Impact

This webinar addresses the issues of impact, business outcomes, and ROI as it relates to L&D. Two of the industries top leaders facilitate this event and provide different methods to measure impact and insights for what to do with learning measurement data.

Demystifying Dashboards

In this webinar you’ll learn how easy it is to create and manage dashboards tailored to each of the key roles within the L&D function. You’ll learn the core components of actionable dashboards with real-world examples, including dynamic filtering and drill-down using the Metrics That Matter platform.

Demystifying Dashboards, PPT

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BUSINESS ACUMEN WEBINARS: Recordings and Presentations

Accounting Basics for HR Professionals

This webinar teaches you the basics of financial statements and commonly used accounting concepts. You’ll learn the accounting knowledge you are likely to need in your role as an L&D or HR professional and gain a deeper understanding of  important concepts and terms. This webinar is a recommended prerequisite to the Financial Acumen webinar.

Accounting Basics

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Accounting Basics

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Financial Acumen Parts 1 and 2

In this webinar you’ll learn the five steps you must take to improve your financial acumen to become a more valued and appreciated business partner. You’ll hear about what business leaders are really looking for and understand how they think. The webinar provides insights into what it takes to make your case in venacular that resonates with leaders. The presenter provides examples of his own experiences dealing with HR and why many requests from HR are denied. Accounting Basics for HR Professionals webinar is recommended as a prerequisite.

OTHER WEBINARS: Recordings and Presentations

CTR Website Overview

This webinar walks you through the Center for Talent Reporting website so you understand the resources available and how to find them.

Community of Practice

The Community of Practice Forum is dedicated place for CTR members to share issues, challenges, successes, and material.

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Case Studies

Download and read the following Talent Development Reporting principles case studies:

ADP Case Study

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Western Union Case Study

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Knowledge Advisors Case Study

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Job Aids

Click the headings below to download templates and documents to assist in your Talent Development Reporting principles implementation and certification.

Project Charter Template

Implementation of TDRp should be viewed as a project with not only a well-defined project plan, but also a project charter document that defines the scope, objectives, and participants of your TDRp effort. This document ensures that everyone involved in the project is aware of its purpose and objectives. It provides a preliminary delineation of roles and responsibilities, outlines the project objectives, identifies the main stakeholders, and defines the authority of the project manager. It should be updated periodically to reflect changes in project scope, key players and resources available.  It provides an ongoing record of the agreements about the project between the project manager, the primary sponsor and key stakeholders

Project Charter Template

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Implementation Plan Template

This template enables you to communicate expectations to stakeholders and project members and will enable you to better manage the project, the resources and the scope.  This is also a required document for TDRp Certification, and this implementation plan template follows the current 3-Gate certification process and will provide you with a starting point for developing your plan.

This template is available in two formats: MS Project and Excel

Update the project start date and the begin date and all other dates will be adjusted accordingly. Feel free to modify elapsed time for specific tasks or to add / delete tasks.

You will need to manually update the dates in columns E-F to reflect your start and end dates.

TDRp Implementation Progress Assessment Worksheet

This document provides the ten steps of implementation and provides a high level summary view of your TDRp implementation plan. Moreover, it enables you to easily monitor progress of your implementation.  Use this document when communicating your progress to the TDRp implementation sponsor and key stakeholders.

Measures Library Template

A best practice in TDRp implementation is the creation of an organization specific measures library reflecting the names, definitions and details of each measure that will appear in statements and/or reports. This is also a required document for TDRp Certification. This template identifies the fields that are recommended for inclusion in your measures library. Feel free to add other fields that are relevant to your organization so that the library can become the ‘single source of truth’ for your measures and their definitions.

Measures Library Template

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Application for TDRp Certification

Application for TDRp Certification:

The CTR Certification document is a pdf document that outlines the end to end process for Certification along with the application for Gate 1. This document has been extracted from the PDF file and is in Word to enable you to easily complete the application for Gate 1. Even those not pursuing TDRp Certification may find this to be a good resource to help ensure all the critical success factors are in place.

Application for TDRp Certification

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