TDRp 2018 Conference Resources

2018 Conference Handouts

Day 1

Opening Remarks feb 21 Auditorium

Welcome feb 21 Auditorium

Seat at the Table Keynote Roy Pollok

Words of Wisdom Adrienna Morales

TDRp Awards_CTR Conference

Session 1A_Introduction to TDRp Peggy Parksey

Session 1B Presentation Deck Ken Phillips

Session 1C Making the Business Case for a Learning Program Jeff Higgins

Session 2A Informal Learning–How to Measure a Moving Target John Mattox

Session 2B Terrence Donahue

Session 2C Establish Your Spend Philosophy Peggy Parksey

Session 3A  Measuring ROI in Engagement Patti Phillips

Session 3B Driving Results through Upfront Goal Setting and Outcome Measurement Dave Vance

Session 3C xAPI & Learning Analytics Tim Dickinson

Day 2

Welcome Day 2

Questions Panel Patti Phillips

Session 4A Creating a Measurement Strategy Dave Vance

Session 4B How to Isolate the Impact of Training Paul Leone

Session 4C Part 1 BusImpact Letty Mussey

Session 4C Part 2 Siemens_TDRP Amy Graft

Session 5A Level 3 Presentation Ken Phillips

Session 5B Are Corporate Universities About to Become Extinct Dave Vance

Session5C Aligning Learning and Business Patti Coan





2016 Conference Handouts

Day One:

Welcome to the CTR 2016 Conference

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Our Opportunity to Make a Difference

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Disruptive ideas:Kevin Jones

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CTR Conference Honoring Jac Fitz-enz

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Day Two:

2014 Archived Conference Handouts

Day One:

2014 TDRp Conference Guide

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Day Two:

Welcome Address

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Intro to TDRp

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Financial Acumen 

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Case Study Previews

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ADP Case Study

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Bridgepoint Case Study

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Change Management

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Day Three:

Knowledge Advisors Case Study

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Western Union Case Study

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Future of TDRp: Looking Forward

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Case Study Wrap Up

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Other Handouts:

CTR Loop

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Show Me The Money

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Implementation Workshop

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Consolidated Preview Decks

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Case Study Templates

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