How to Improve Employee Engagement

by Maria A. Febres-Cordero, Channel & Events Marketing Manager, Explorance

The Annual CTR Conference is almost here! Attendees can once again look forward to an engaging three-day event featuring breakout sessions, keynotes, and informative discussions with the learning industry’s best minds. The theme of this year’s conference is “Building Sustainable Measurement Capability”, putting an emphasis on realizing long-term improvements on how HR and talent are managed and measured.

HR teams are increasingly challenged to substantiate how they contribute to business goals and demonstrate real, ongoing benefits to the organization. Explorance will be contributing two special sessions on how to realize these long-term benefits.

Two Approaches Lead to Similar Benefits

Both of Explorance’s sessions focus on building value and insight for HR. The strategies outlined in each session are about getting more value from employee feedback and assessing where the real value in current policy and programs is.

Creating a Measurement Strategy To Tell Your Value Story
November 2 | 1:40 pm EDT
Presenters: Jennifer Balcom, Director of Consulting, Explorance & Lan Tran, Head of Governance, Technology, and Operations, Kraft Heinz

This session provides insights into how Explorance and Kraft Heinz partnered to create a measurement strategy that answers the key question: Did learning make an impact and positively affect behavior outcomes? This session outlines the approach, tools, and frameworks used in building this strategy.


From Text Analytics to Comment Analysis: How AI Transforms Your Learning Measurement Qualitative Strategy
November 3 | 12:05 pm EDT
Presenter: Steve Lange, Senior Consultant, Explorance

This session introduces the next generation of HR-trained comment analysis tools and how they provide deep insights into qualitative feedback. Pulling from real-world experiences and examples gleaned from the development of Explorance’s BlueML, a comment analysis solution, Steve will reveal the level of sentiment analysis and predictive analytics that is available to provide rapid, action-focused analysis at scale.


As we progress through a period of heightened employee turnover, increasingly referred to as ‘The Great Resignation’, the ability to quickly and effectively respond to employee concerns and sentiment as it relates to training is vital. These two sessions ensure you are up to speed with the latest developments and effective strategies. Leaders that can adopt an effective measurement strategy and are better equipped to derive value from qualitative employee comments will be better positioned to tackle the current challenges of the talent market.

We can’t wait to see you at CTR’s 8th Annual Conference!


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