Get To Know Your Board Member (Carrie Beckstrom)

This month we had the opportunity to talk to Carrie Beckstrom our board treasure.

Carrie Beckstrom is Vice President of Learning and Performance for the global and national account businesses of Automatic Data Processing, Inc (ADP). Carrie has worked in the field of learning and development for over 25 years in a variety of industries, including business outsourcing, healthcare, technology and financial services, and has consistently demonstrated the ability to achieve measurable results. She has proven skills in the area of building initiatives and departments from scratch, in addition to leading large-scale transitions of existing departments, and the accompanying process and people change-management efforts. Her focus on revenue and metrics results in a clear view of the added value of her initiatives and facilitates the communication of that value to others.

Carrie was kind enough to answer some questions.

  1. Why is TDRp important for the profession?  “It’s not just important; I think it’s essential. TDRp is instrumental in advancing our profession’s human capital analytics capabilities. It provides a framework for measuring and managing the efficiency, effectiveness, and outcomes of learning and other talent investments. Insights gained from the analysis enhance our ability to provide actionable information to the business. The reports, which are modeled after financial statements, enable us to effectively communicate our progress and impact to executives on a regular basis. And the monthly forecasting and reporting drives accountability and continuous improvement”.


  1. How can CTR help improve the profession’s business acumen? The entire TDRp framework facilitates running learning and other talent disciplines like a business. And CTR has the resources and expertise necessary to successfully implement TDRp within an organization to drive an outcome-focused approach. Examples include achieving strategic alignment to ensure learning and other talent initiatives are in direct support of the broader business goals. And establishing measurable targets and a process for monitoring progress to ensure success. CTR also offers the option to pursue TDRp certification or accreditation which provides a very hands-on approach to advancing your business acumen and human capital analytics capabilities”.
  2. Anything else you would like to share? “Do not let a lack of resources impede your ability to get started with TDRp. Leverage what resources you have and show incremental progress, no matter how small, and in no time you will reap the benefits of adopting a more comprehensive, sophisticated approach to managing and measuring the value of your organization”.

Carrie holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Studies from the University of California at Santa Barbara and currently serves on the Center for Talent Reporting Board. Carrie resides in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and 12-year old son.

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