Get to Know your Board Member (Dr. Jac Fitz-enz)

Dr. Jac Fitz-enz 

Consultant – Author

Dr. Jac, as he is known worldwide, has published 14 books and over 400 articles.

He founded Saratoga Institute in 1980 to introduce quantitative analysis to the HR profession.  Over the next 34 years he worked in 46 countries where he trained 90,000 people on return on investment and predictive analytics.  Two of his books, Human Value Management (1991) and The ROI of Human Capital (2001) were given the Book of the Year Award by the Society for Human Resources Management.  IHRIM gave him its Chairman’s Award for Innovation in Technology.  Ricardo Palma University in Lina, Peru gave him an Honorary Doctorate.

Jac Currently serves on the Board of Directors for Center for Talent Reporting. We had the opprotunity to ask him a few questions

  1. Why is TDRp important for the profession.

“The definition of a profession includes “standards, models and theories”.  HR has always been short on standards.  Imagine accounting, law or medicine if there were no standard definitions of terms”.

  1. How can CTR help improve the profession’s business acumen

“The foundation of CTR has been, from the beginning, a focus on the effect of HR activities and results on the business.  HR’s purpose like all other functions is to contribute to the goals of the organization through the management of its human capital,  HR does not exist in and administrative vacuum.  It is a part of the organization and bound to play a positive role beyond pushing processes”.

  1. Anything else you would like to share.

“I could go on forever on this topic, but I already have through 13 books”.

In 2014, he turned to fiction and has authored two novels. These are the first in a planned series on the adventures of the naval intelligence team Michael and Grace Stone.  The book titles are:

  • The Spy From Nowhere
  • Grace Under Fire

He resides in San Jose with his wife Laura.

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