First TDRp Certifications Granted

CTR granted its first TDRp Professional Certifications on March 26. TDRp Professional Certification for practitioners requires attendance at a 2.5 day TDRp Basics Workshop, participation in four additional webinars, and the successful completion of eight work products to demonstrate mastery of the TDR principles and practices. The first TDRp Professional Certifications are awarded to Kendall Kerekes, Chris LeBrun, and Michelle Reider, all of KnowledgeAdvisors, a CEB company. Peggy Parskey, CTR Assistant Director and Director of TDRp Certification, commented, “The KnowledgeAdvisors team has implemented TDRp comprehensively across the organization. Through this process they have built a more robust process for aligning talent initiatives to business priorities and strategic goals. The KnowledgeAdvisors team is to be commended for being early adopters of this process and bringing it to fruition within their organization.”  The new Certification Page on CTR’s website will list all those who are TDRp Certified as well organizations which achieve certification for their TDRp compliant software or achieve accreditation for the TDRp consulting business.

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