Diving Business Results by Managing Smart-Mobs

by Dirk Tussing

“Driving business results by managing smart-mobs” is one of the key skills that talent leaders will need in the next 10 years. A movement is afoot to better manage the “crowd” for sourcing opinions, ideas, and even work products. What is the “crowd” movement and how will we as talent professionals prepare and leverage their power to improve our businesses?   Answer…In 2015, CTR will be partnering with the Executive Learning Exchange to conduct a year-long experiment for learning and talent development leaders to experience crowdsourcing solutions for talent development issues.

Many of you know Karen Kocher, the CLO @ Cigna University, either from collaborations with CTR or when she was featured on the cover of Chief Learning Officer magazine last year on the January 2014 cover.  Karen frequently provides all of us with insight on current trends and opportunities for our learning and talent development community to be better prepared to make our case to executive stakeholders. A few years ago when Karen Kocher was presenting, The Future of Training & Development: Identifying Behaviors, Competencies & Skills to Sustain High Performance, at the Chicagoland Learning Leaders Conference, she spoke of changes we can expect in our job roles for the future world of work—new skills corporate leaders will need ten years.  A common theme for new leadership competency, leaders will be “managing work swarms” and “organizing smart mobs” as new leadership skills needed in an uncertain world.  You can watch Karen’s presentation on a YouTube video vignette (http://youtu.be/TbuSMKRq5aY?list=PL118D9026311F1435) where she posed what we, as influencers of L&D were to enable our organization an opportunity to engage a “crowd” to create solutions for our business issues.

When Dave Vance was invited by the Executive Learning Exchange to volunteer to co-lead a “crowd” share learning analytics solutions for Simple & cost effective ways to measure big results, he accepted. This is one of 5-8 human capital business solutions, click here to view a one-page overview where we will be sharing and learning with our peers.

Want to join Dave’s learning analytics crowd? Send an email request to info@learningexecutive.com (Primary Audience: Learning & Talent Development Leaders).

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