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  • This workshop covers all the key elements for the measurement, reporting and management of human capital with a focus on learning & development. The three types of measures (outcome, effectiveness and efficiency) and the six levels of measurement (levels 0-5) will be explored in detail. The Talent Development Reporting principles (TDRp) framework will be shared to provide guidance in selecting and using the appropriate measures. Time will also be dedicated to constructing appropriate reports and running learning like a business.
  • Learn how to maximize the business value of your training and development programs by applying a proven business- and process-oriented approach. This workshop will provide practical instruction on how to implement each of the six disciplines (6Ds) practiced by high-impact learning organizations: defining the business outcome, designing the complete experience, delivering for application, driving learning transfer, deploying performance support and documenting results. By beginning with the end in mind and managing learning as a process, you’ll reposition yourself from order-taker to strategic business partner and earn a meaningful seat at the management table.
  • As L&D leaders and practitioners, most of us are fortunate to have a vast amount of data at our fingertips. But for all the promises of big data, most of us are drowning in stats with limited time to consume—let alone act on all of this information. This workshop provides insights into reducing waste and enabling you to focus on your reporting to provide stakeholders with what they need in order to advance strategy.
  • Many practitioners struggle to create a comprehensive, yet practical, measurement strategy, especially one that meets the needs of program managers, department leaders, and senior company leaders. Everyone knows measurement is important and that best-in-class organizations have well-defined measurement strategies, but there is much less agreement on what constitutes a world-class measurement strategy and how to create one. Join Dave for the Measurement Strategy Workshop to explore the elements of a best-in-class measurement strategy and define what it should include. We will begin by examining the reasons for undertaking a measurement strategy since these reasons will provide guidance on which measures should be selected and how they should be reported and used. Then we will review the elements of a good measurement strategy. Next we will explore the three types or categories of measures from Talent Development Reporting principles (TDRp) that all strategies should include: effectiveness, efficiency and outcomes. Then we will review the most commonly used measures in each category, including how they are defined and measured. Last, potential measures for your own measurement strategy will be identified for a variety of programs and initiatives.
  • Many learning and development groups are beginning their journey towards being a vital partner to the business. One step in that journey is following three general steps: measure, monitor and manage. This workshop will focus on the last of these three steps—manage. This is the critical step that allows L&D groups to demonstrate their value and inform the business how L&D is contributing to goals. Equally as important, the manage phase allows the L&D group to continuously improve itself and optimize its influence on the business. LEARN MORE

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