CTR Is excited to Announce the Release of a Significantly Updated TDRp Measures Libary

CTR is excited to announce the release of a significantly updated version of the TDRp Measures Library. This update focuses on Learning and Development Measures and has expanded from 111 measures to 183 Learning related measures.  The additions include measures related to informal and social learning as well as more detailed breakdown of the cost measures.  This version of the library also includes measures defined by the CEB Corporate Leadership Council as well as updated references to the HCMI Human Capital Metrics Handbook and updated references to ATD, Kirkpatrick and Philips defined measures

If you are a CTR member, you have access to the updated version at no additional charge. https://www.centerfortalentreporting.org/download/talent-acquisition/ .

If you are not a member, join CTR for $299/year

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