Covid Has Changed Our L&D Word—Where Do We Go from Here?

by June Sonsalla,
Vice President, Head of Learning & Development,
Thompson Reuters

I 2014 I attended an event focused on Resilience at a boutique hotel near the harbor in San Diego. The day of the conference, it was a temperate 70?F, the palm trees were bending in the breeze, and the air smelled of saltwater and wildflowers. In a pre-pandemic world, resilience lacked urgency. At best, it was a new way to describe change readiness. At worst, it put the onus on employees to manage increasing work volume with the same resources. That day back in 2014 seems like a lifetime ago. I’ve since moved to the midwest, there’s a different president in the White House, and I must wear a mask while in the grocery store.

Fast-forward to 2020. March of this year I started a new position at Thompson Reuters and only spent nine days in the office before moving to my home office indefinitely. A global pandemic, increased focus on social justice, and inclusion as a critical input for all talent processes require a completely different way of working to get the same results as in prior years. In addition, adults are reporting more adverse mental health conditions as they navigate uncertainty. All of these variables mean new demands on human resources function and on each of us individually. If I had a crystal ball, I would have taken better notes during that Resilency workshop I attended back in 2014.

So, how do we overcome new obstacles, move forward, and contribute as much or more value to the organization than before? What matters most to our organizations now? What measures do we use to ensure continued progress and long-term success? And, how do we move ourselves and human resources from merely “getting by” to excelling in the new normal?

A Special Invitation…

I invite you to explore the answers to all of these questions with me at a very special event… the 2020 CTR Conference. During the session, Covid-19: Challenges, Change, and Continued Innovation, a few of my L&D colleagues and I will discuss how the pandemic has accelerated long-term trends creating permanent transformations in what and how L&D delivers strategic value. Hope to see you there for a lively discussion.

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