CTR Now Offers Custom Workshops and Coaching


CTR is pleased to announce that you can now schedule coaching on your TDRp implementation and a custom TDRp workshop onsite. These are both great ways to accelerate your TDRp implementation and

Coaching is designed to help you successfully implement TDRp. Coaching may follow the custom workshop to help ensure your successful implementation or may be done separately. Our goal in coaching is to help you implement successfully. We will provide guidance and direction to help you select the appropriate measures and craft the reports. We realize some organizations would like more assistance and may want someone to actually create the reports for them, and for those we are happy to recommend consultants who have completed the TDRp Basics Workshop.

Custom Workshop

The workshop may be one or two days and will be custom designed around your particular needs, including your own company and department goals. Typically, a workshop will include the following elements:

  • Introduction to TDRp
  • Review company and department goals
  • Aligning department goal to company goals
  • Determining the impact of HR initiatives on company goals and outcome measures
  • Selecting the appropriate effectiveness and efficiency measures
  • Developing your organization’s measures library
  • Setting goals for effectiveness and efficiency measures
  • Creating the first draft of your three TDRp reports
  • Managing the change within your organization
  • Developing your action plan

The goal of the workshop is to ensure all participants have a solid understanding of TDRp, how it will be implemented in their organization, and what will be required for success. At the conclusion of the workshop, participants will have a clear game plan for implementation, a draft list of measures, and a first draft of their three reports.


Custom workshop: $5000 for one day, $7500 for two days plus expenses

Coaching: $300 per hour with a four-hour minimum. (Onsite coaching is also available with an eight-hour minimum per visit plus travel expenses)

Schedule Your Workshop or Coaching Now

Contact Dave Vance or Peggy Parskey to explore how CTR can help you successfully implement TDRp.

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