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February 6 - 2 pm Eastern Introduction to TDRp
February 12 - Noon Eastern Implementation Critical Success Factors
February 27 - 2 pm Eastern Implementation Guidance Members Only
March 4 - 2 pm Eastern Introduction to TDRp
April 3 - Noon Eastern Introduction to TDRp

The Promising State of Human Capital Anayltics (Webinar by ROI Co-Sponsored by CTR)

Talk with any human capital executive about the field of human capital analytics and they will generally agree: the best is yet to come. That doesn’t mean that many companies aren’t already performing incredible feats with people data—a few are profiled in this report—the statement is a testament to the opportunity that most can see in this burgeoning field. And it’s a testament to the constant new and innovative ways professionals are using people-related data to impact their organizations. This study surveyed analytics professionals in organizations of all sizes worldwide, and asked very pointed questions on how those organizations are using human capital analytics today, if at all. The results were more affirming than they were surprising:

  • Budgets for human capital analytics are increasing along with executive commitment.
  • Relatively few companies are using predictive analytics now, but expect to in the future.
  • Most are using analytics to support strategic planning and organizational effectiveness.

Successful companies tend to be those that purposefully use data to anticipate and prepare rather than to react to daily problems.

It’s clear in both the data from the survey and follow-up interviews that were conducted, that the future focus of
professionals in the human capital analytics field will increasingly be on using analytics to guide strategic decisions and affect
organizational performance. To sum up the state of human capital analytics in one word: Promising.


This webinar introduces the new research study that demonstrates the progress that
continues to be made with human capital analytics. Participants will learn:

  • Four key findings on the state of
    human capital analytics
  • How high-performance
    organizations are building
    leading human capital analytics
  • What Google, HSBC, LinkedIn
    and Intel are doing to drive
    business performance through
  • What you can do to move your
    analytics practice forward

We want to thank Patti Phillips, and Amy Armitage for the opportunity to co-sponsor this webinar. The recording and PPT have been made available to anyone who missed the webinar.


The Promising State of HCA

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Recording https://roievents.webex.com/roievents/lsr.php?RCID=30bd391d319d4709b4203d48f6b7e4c9

TDRp: Implementation Guidance – February 27 (Members Only) – Draft

Dave Vance and Peggy Parskey from the Center will conduct a 90-minute interactive webinar providing guidance in implementing TDRp. They will address common questions and issues and suggest how roadblocks may be removed. Enrollment is limited to members only

February 27: 2 pm Eastern Members Only – Register NowMeeting ID LJ8MDNPN



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TDRp: Implementation Critical Success Factors – February 12

Dave Vance and Peggy Parskey from the Center will present a one-hour examination of critical success factors for implementing TDRP.  The webinar will address stakeholder engagement and conducting stakeholder discussions,   how to forecast the expected impact of a Talent initiative on a business goal and communicating results to Talent and Business leaders. This webinar is intended for those who are already familiar with TDRp.

February 12 Noon Eastern – Register Now – Meeting ID HTZA9DAZ

Introduction to TDRp – February 6

Dave Vance and Peggy Parskey from the Center will present a one-hour introduction to TDRp covering the framework, measures, statements and reports. This webinar is an excellent introduction to TDRp for Talent Leaders who are not familiar with Talent Development Reporting principles.

February 6: 2 pm Eastern – Register Now – Meeting ID CVOYF77X
March 4: 2 pm Eastern – Register Now – Meeting ID HUFLENZW
April 3: Noon Eastern – Register Now – Meeting ID XE6DFHYL