Can you Justify your Learning and Development Projects?

By Jack J. Phillips Ph.D., Chairman, ROI Institute

Daily headlines in the business press focus on the economy. While it is booming in some areas, other areas are slowing, and economic uncertainty exists everywhere. During uncertainty, executives must take steps to make sure the organization can weather the storm—whenever or wherever it occurs.

One way executives meet this challenge is to ensure that expenditures represent investments and not just costs. If an expenditure is considered a cost, it will be frozen, reduced, or in some cases eliminated. If it is considered an investment that is producing a return, it will be protected and possibly even enhanced during difficult times. For example, many learning and development budgets are now being frozen or reduced, even with record profits. While this seems illogical, it happens. Now is the time to reflect on your budget and your programs. Can you withstand top executive scrutiny? Are you ready for ROI?

The most used evaluation system in the world is the ROI Methodology® to measure impact and ROI for a few major programs. The ROI Certification® is the process to develop this valuable capability. This valuable certification provides participants with the skills needed to analyze the return-on-investment in practical financial terms. The results are CEO and CFO friendly. Over 15,000 managers and professionals have participated in this certification since it was launched in 1995, underscoring the user-friendly nature of this system.

Don’t have the time or budget? Several approaches are available to reduce the amount of time and cost needed to develop this capability. For more information on ROI Certification, contact Brady Nelson at

ROI Institute is the global leader in measurement and evaluation including the use of return on investment (ROI) in non-traditional applications. This methodology has been used successfully by over 5,000 organizations and in over 70 countries.

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