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    Make or Buy? Not as Simple as It Sounds

    We are often faced with a decision whether to design, develop and deliver a course in-house or pay an outside party. This is a classic "make or buy" problem which turns out to be more complicated than most think. Since some critical costs are often … [Read More...]

    Why Does L&D Measurement Remain So Difficult?

    Why does L&D measurement remain so difficult? Put a different way, why hasn’t the profession made greater progress over the last ten years? ATD research shows clear progress was made from 2001 -2009 in the percentage using higher-level program … [Read More...]

    Mid-Year Check Up on Measurement and Reporting

    Since we are well into the month of July, I thought it the perfect time to reflect on what we have accomplished so far this year in the world of measurement and reporting. If you are running learning like a business, that means you set specific, … [Read More...]

    Are We Over Using Dashboards?

    Dashboards have become increasingly popular, especially those with well-designed visual elements. For many applications, they do represent a great advance from the more boring scorecards filled with rows of data. That said, the question now is … [Read More...]

    When it Comes to Learning Measurement—What is Good Enough?

    When it comes to learning measurement—what is good enough? This is a question that needs to be asked much more frequently. This is especially true in the case of isolating the impact of learning (Phillips’s level 4) or talking about the accuracy … [Read More...]

    Where Measurement and Reporting Strategies Go Wrong

    by Peggy Parskey, CTR Assistant DirectorImagine you are a manager in a Learning and Development function in your company. Each month, you receive several reports (or links to a dashboard) with a plethora of data. The reports focus on the function … [Read More...]

    Measurement Demystified: Creating Your L&D Measurement, Analytics, and Reporting Strategy

    As some of you may be aware, the title of this blog is the name of the book Peggy Parskey and I recently published with ATD. It is the culmination of all our work since 2010 to create a framework and a set of standards and best practices to make it … [Read More...]

    Running Learning Like a Business

    The concept of “running learning like a business” continues to gain traction. It means different things to different people but in all cases involves bringing a more business-like perspective to the L&D function. Personally, I like to focus most … [Read More...]

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    L&D Leadership in a Time of Great Change

    [FREE VIRTUAL CONFERENCE] July 14 & 15, 2020. 12:00 - 4:15 pm EDT. This two-day virtual conference details the specific tasks L&D organizations have to carry out to achieve significant and continuous workforce productivity. Presentations will … [Read More...]

    Talent Leaders Virtual Exchange Americas

    Virtual Event | June 17, 2020 REGISTER NOW The Talent Leaders Virtual Exchange will give talent executives the much needed opportunity to hear how their peers are dealing with unprecedented disruption during this global pandemic. In a time when … [Read More...]

    Corporate Learning Week 2020

          Corporate Learning Week | March 23-26 | Austin TX | www.clweek.com This year's Corporate Learning Week (CLW) conference celebrates 25 years as an essential gathering for senior corporate learning leaders and innovators. … [Read More...]

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    Covid Has Changed Our L&D Word—Where Do We Go from Here?

    by June Sonsalla, Vice President, Head of Learning & Development, Thompson Reuters I 2014 I attended an event focused on Resilience at a boutique hotel near the harbor in San Diego. The day of the conference, it was a temperate 70?F, the … [Read More...]

    Measure and Appreciate Talent Outcomes

    by Jeffrey Berk, COO, Performitiv Learning's 'holy grail' is to measure business outcomes. These include measuring how common business results are connected to learning. Results such as revenue, expenses, quality, productivity, customer … [Read More...]

    A Continuous Improvement Approach Designed by Learning for Learning

    by Kent Barnett, CEO, PerformitivTen years ago, a group of professionals came together to create an industry standard for Talent Development Reporting. Under Dave Vance's leadership, that work turned into Talent Development Reporting principles … [Read More...]

    Optimizing Investments in Learning

    by Peggy Parskey, Associate Director, Center for Talent Reporting & John Mattox, II, PhD, Managing Consultant, Metrics That MatterYou might wonder why L&D leaders need guidance for optimizing investments in learning. Recent research from The … [Read More...]

    Can you Justify your Learning and Development Projects?

    By Jack J. Phillips Ph.D., Chairman, ROI Institute Daily headlines in the business press focus on the economy. While it is booming in some areas, other areas are slowing, and economic uncertainty exists everywhere. During uncertainty, executives … [Read More...]

    Bridge the Gap from Training to Application with Predictive Learning Analytics

    by Ken Phillips, CEO, Phillips Associates In my previous blog post, I discussed the concept of scrap learning and how it is arguably the number one issue confronting the L&D profession today. I also provided a formula you could use to estimate … [Read More...]

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    CAVEO Learning (Instructional Designer)

    Caveo Learning is a learning consulting firm, providing learning solutions to Fortune 1000 and other leading organizations. We partner with Chief Learning Officers and other learning leaders to help them more closely align their L&D (Learning … [Read More...]

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