TDRp White Papers

Intro to TDRp

(24 pages) Provides a high-level an introduction to TDRp across all six key HR processes (L&D, Leadership Development, Talent Acquisition, Performance Management, Capability Management, and Total Rewards) including the principle and assumptions as well as an introduction to the three reports. The best overall introduction to TDRp and a great starting point to learn about TDRp. (revised August 2015)

Full White Paper

(55 pages) This paper provides a detailed explanation of the goals, assumptions, and approach behind TDRp. Includes complete explanations of each statement and report, as well as visual examples for each.

TDRp for L&D: Executive Brief

(5 pages) An excellent introduction to TDRp, providing a summary of its purpose, including a brief description of the essential statements and reports. (revised August 2015)

Approach to Extend TDRp to All Talent Development Processes

This 20-page paper describes the approach approved by the executive and advisory councils to apply the concepts used for L&D to other key processes like talent acquisition and capability management. The paper also describes how important talent outcomes like engagement and retention will be handled.

Applying TDRp to Customer Education

This 15-page paper describes how customer education providers can apply talent development reporting principles for both their own reporting and client reporting.