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*  Build a business around your book. *Use your book to build your business.A Conference with Keynote Sessions Designed Specifically for Business and Professional Writers

“I Couldn’t Put It Down!” How To Write a Book That People Will Buy, Read, and Love with Karl Weber

You’re an expert in an important subject; you’ve got a treasure trove of useful information and colorful stories to share; and friends have been telling you, “You’ve got to write a book!” That’s great—but it’s not enough. To write a book that will captivate readers from page one, hold their interest until the end, and inspire them to recommend you to their friends and colleagues, you need to know the writing techniques that best-selling authors use. Karl Weber is a writer, editor, consultant, and coach who has helped scores of authors turn their ideas into successful books, including many bestsellers.  He’ll share tips on how to plan, organize, draft, and revise your book to make it clear, fascinating, and persuasive.  He’ll also illustrate the pitfalls many authors fall into and show you exactly how to avoid them. You’ll leave this session with a deeper understanding of how to connect with your audience, sell plenty of books, and have a powerful, lasting impact on readers.

Build A Business Around Your Book or Use Your Book To Drive Your Business with Kevin Oakes, Patti Phillips, and Jack Phillips

For business writers, the key motivation is building a business around your book and that’s the focus of this conference. In other situations, books help drive a business that’s already been created. In this session, Kevin Oakes, CEO of the Institute for Corporate Productivity describes how he uses books to help drive the business. Jack and Patti Phillips, of Business Writers Exchange and ROI Institute, will be joining him to describe how they have built businesses around their books. This session will show the variety of ways in which authors can build businesses around books or use books to support their business.

So You Want to Write a Book . . . with Elaine Ebiech

There is nothing like the feeling of holding your own book in your hands. But where do you start? Will anyone read it? It’s a big commitment—why do authors write? What can you gain by writing a book? Being a published author is a sign of credibility and expertise. Writing a book is a way to reach more people with your message. Your book is your legacy. It is an extension of yourself to a world full of readers. Elaine will share insight about why and how she writes. With 65 books to her name and counting, she relates her beliefs and those of other successful authors to inspire and encourage you to begin your book today.

Do You Have a Book Idea? Check Your Elevator Pitch First with Neal Maillet

Most authors don’t understand the critical factors that attract an editor’s eye. The elevator pitch in the first sentence of your proposal will determine your success more than anything else—including a detailed table of contents or any recitation of content. Why is this? I’ll discuss the passion and urgency that any editor hopes to see in a book presentation, and will lead the audience in an exercise to help shape the “big idea” that will set your book on the right path.

New Digital Tools: Make Your Social Media Marketing Easier and More Effective with Fauzia Burke

Social media marketing allows us to find influencers and create communities. However, as we all know it is time-consuming and a labor-intensive activity. This session will present new and established digital tools that can help make the process of managing online marketing easier and more effective. After testing many tools, Burke will present the ones that are most helpful to authors and publishers alike. In a “show-and-tell” session, we’ll review tools that help find influencers and discussions, create visual content and data, collaborate with teams, measure engagement and more.

The Business of Your Words and The Glory of Others: How a Successful Co-author Is Born with Bob Andelman

Bob Andelman, author or co-author of 16 books, including New York Times and Businessweek best-sellers such as Built From Scratch, The Profit Zone, and Mean Business, will talk about his experiences over the last 30 years as a business writer and a co-author/ghostwriter. He will take attendees behind the scenes of his relationships with co-authors, share publishing horror stories, and offer ideas on how to drive a successful, enduring career helping professionals tell their stories in long form.

Writing in the Color of Kaleidoscope with Chip Bell

Business books have changed. Today’s customers are accustomed to the pace of a tweet, the compactness of a blog, with the excitement of a Cirque du Soleil performance. It requires coupling compelling inspiration with pragmatic instruction. And that’s just the authoring part. The “new normal” book buying customer also has altered the platform for effective book promotion. Yet, authoring a well-known business book can transform your brand from being another “me too” to one of distinction and success.  Best-selling author Chip Bell will share secrets for creating, promoting, and integrating business writing into your go-to-market competitive strategy.

How to Establish Your Brand Across All Media Platforms with David Hahn

Three crucial components of an author’s media platform will be examined in this presentation: traditional media coverage (TV, Radio, and Print/, online placements with bloggers, podcasters, and large platform sites, and a robust social media platform on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Advanced techniques for landing interviews with TV and radio stations will be taught along with strategies for developing relationships with online and print editors. In addition, important features of an author’s website will be discussed.

The Lighthouse of Legacy with Scott Mautz

In this keynote, the audience will be engaged head & heart to be intentional about leaving a legacy. They’ll learn about The Five Footprints of Legacy– the manners in which social science teaches us we tend to leave a lasting impact behind, and how each footprint can be imprinted remarkably well by those authoring a book. If we are made aware of the “buckets” of ways in which we can leave footprints, then we can begin working each day to fill each bucket through our writing or how we live our lives. The audience will also get a “double click” on just how powerful it is when we commit to being intentional about articulating and pursuing our specific desired legacy.  This inspiring keynote uses adult learning principles and a mixture of mediums to captivate the audience. The audience will leave inspired and informed on how exactly to be intentional about leaving a legacy of results and resonance (through their writing, work, and in life). Accordingly, their relationship with their writing and work may well change.

Karl Weber

Founder of Karl Weber Literary, author, editor, and collaborator with dozens of successful business books, including many national best-sellers, to his credit


Kevin Oakes

CEO and founder of the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp), co-author of The Executive Guide to Integrated Talent Management


Patti Phillips

President and CEO of ROI Institute, author of over 50 business books including the award-winning book, The Bottomline on ROI


Jack Phillips

Chairman of ROI Institute, former bank president, and author of over 75 business books including Show Me the Money


Elaine Biech

President of Ebb Associates, author of over 65 business books including

A Coaches Guide to Exemplary Leaders


Neal Maillett

Editorial Director at Berrett-Koehler, one of America’s most respected and innovative business publishers


Maureen Orey

Founder and President of the Workplace Learning and Performance Group, author of Stay Afloat


Dottie DeHart

Book guru, President of DeHart & Company, key contributor to the best-selling

For Dummies series


Tanya Hall

CEO of Greenleaf Book Group

Chris Kennedy

Self-publishing expert, author of 10 books, including the #1 bestselling self-help book, Self-Publishing for Profit


Bob Andelman

Editor and publisher of Mr. Media Books, author or co-author of 16 books, including Built From Scratch, The Profit Zone, and Mean Business


Fauzia Burke

Founder and president of FSB Associates, author of Online Marketing for Busy Authors


Chip Bell

Renowned keynote speaker and customer loyalty consultant, author of 22 books, eight

of which have been national and international best sellers, including Sprinkles: Creating Awesome Experiences Through Innovative Service


David Hahn

Managing Director of MEDIA CONNECT, a division of Finn Partners that specializes in powerful book publicity


Scott Mautz

CEO of Profound Performance, author of the best-selling book Make It Matter:

How Managers Can Motivate by Creating Meaning


Andrew Mueller LID Publishing’s

Business Development Manager


Sara Taheri LID Publishing’s Editorial Director


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