Implementing TDRp

Many want to improve the measurement and reporting in their organization but don’t know what resources are available to guide them or how to get started. TDRp provides direction in what is needed and how to apply it to your organization. Here is a 10-step plan to get you started with TDRp:

  • Step 1: Commit to implementing TDRp
  • Step 2: Socialize the TDRp concepts
  • Step 3: Create multi-year plan
  • Step 4: Create draft Organizational Outcome Statement
  • Step 5: Create Effectiveness and Efficiency Statements
  • Step 6: Create L&D Summary Statement
  • Step 7: Create L&D Program Reports
  • Step 8: Create Operations Report
  • Step 9: Integrate and Refine
  • Step 10: Review and Improve

Take a measured approach to implementing TDRp (or any large change) in your organization. One of the primary reasons for failure is an overly aggressive timeline, which leads to disappointment, frustration, loss of confidence, and ultimately loss of support and funding. It is much better to start with a pilot, perhaps focusing on one area of a large project, or a limited scope for a broader deployment. This approach will allow you to learn as you go, build capability and confidence, and eventually demonstrate value.

For a detailed explanation of each step, download the paper: How to Implement TDRp in Your Organization.

To take the TDRp self-assessment, download the paper: Implementing TDRp: Self Assessment.