What were the most beneficial aspects of the CTR Conference?

  • Conference focus
  • That it was entirely devoted to measurement and evaluation.
  • Measurement conversations
  • Networking
  • Networking with like-minded professionals in the same field.
  • Sessions and networking events
  • The most beneficial aspect was the ability to network with like-minded professionals.
  • The classes and networking opportunities were great.
  • Access to experts, practitioners and materials
  • The real examples, learning from experts, access to the slides.
  • Getting an electronic copy of the slides as well as hard copies of the slides for note taking is above the norm
  • The materials that were provided in the ROI workshop were great…straightforward, easy to understand and implement, etc. Then, those concepts were reinforced all along the way of the conference. I left with a great deal of confidence knowing not only WHAT to implement, but HOW.
  • Caliber/expertise of the speakers
  • Credibility of the speakers in having been a CLO/Practitioner and actually walking the talk. Getting practitioners on stage and taking the journey with lessons learned. Loved format-break out session Quality of speakers
  • Experts sharing implementation experiences
  • The wealth of knowledge, practical tips and opportunities to learn from industry leaders as well as share experiences and struggles with like-minded and like-positioned professionals.
  • The knowledge and perspectives shared by thought leaders.
  • The caliber of the attendees and speakers.
  • The speakers and breakout group leaders were amazing. They were knowledgeable and engaging. Fantastic, especially for a subject many don’t find that interesting! 🙂
  • Hearing from the experts in the field – 5 Disruptive Ideas and HOW to move forward (like the ROI session and Laurie Bassi’s session). The conference was very thought provoking. Even though I already went through the TRRp workshop, it added additional insight.
  • Session topics/content
  • Sessions overall
  • The sessions I attended were well put together and informative, appreciated presenters willingness to answer questions
  • several of the break-out sessions and the information covered
  • Variety of breakout sessions
  • Breakout sessions
  • It was really simple. The presentations were not overly complex and easy to follow.
  • “I attended CTR Week. All 4 events dovetailed nicely together.
  • Industry discussions by people who have ‘been there, done that’. Financial practices was specifically applied to L&D.
  • I got something out of every session!! I really appreciated having the expert panels, learning tips for implementation, etc.
  • Specific sessions or content
  • TDRp workshop. Networking with like-minded folks. The order of events was perfect! I attended the whole week. Hearing about the “Wall street” view from Laurie (ISO committee) and her Human Capital conference (this week). Hearing Kevin Jones awesome survey, learning his PWC history and passion, understanding the history of accounting, and mostly, getting Kevin’s viewpoint on the technology players in the industry. I’ve never been so fired up about the ro
  • Gene Pease breakout on analytics.
  • The session with Patti Phillips, the sessions with a panel.
  • The Measurement, Evaluation, and Analytics breakout by Patti Phillips.
  • The panels where they talked about the journey to implement training measurement and the changes they were able to make because of it. Also how to tie TDRP, Kirkpatrick, and Phillips together.
  • Access to models and examples of how others have achieved success
  • new content about measuring the impact of TD
  • Understanding the Tdrp tools and how its being applied or deployed in other organizations. Listening to common concerns along with possible recommendations for how to deploy in my organization.
  • “Specific insight from sessions.
  • Using the Kirkpatrick model to guide consulting process.
  • ROI is NOT a unicorn!
  • Valuation is driven by human capital. Human capital appreciates.  Orgs become more valuable as their people learn.
  • CFO allocates budget based on most reasonable biz case. If OD doesn’t present a solid business case, the organization under-invests in training. Sales targets are missed.  Valuation declines.



What topics or speakers should we consider for the 2017 CTR Conference?



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