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    The Greatest Issue Facing L&D Today

    by Ken Phillips What is arguably the top issue facing the L&D profession today? The answer is scrap learning or the gap or difference between training that is delivered but not applied back on the job. It's the flip side of training transfer … [Read More...]

    Change the Conversation about Funding Measurement

    The L&D profession continues to struggle to get budget and attention for more robust measurement strategies. Learning professionals, particularly those with measurement or analytics responsibilities, appreciate the value of measurement and know … [Read More...]

    2019 CTR Conference a Great Success

    We are just weeks back from our Sixth Annual CTR Conference in Dallas. We weren’t sure it could top last year’s but I think it did. We had 117 participants and they were very enthusiastic and engaged. Lots of great sessions and discussions. And of … [Read More...]

    2019 TDRp Award Winners

    The Center for Talent Reporting is pleased to announce the following 2019 TDRp Award winners: Distinguished Contributor Award Congratulations to Jack and Patti Phillips, CTR's first Distinguished Contributor Award winners. This award recognizes … [Read More...]

    Human Capital Reporting Standards

    The International Standards Organization (ISO) released its first standard for human capital reporting in December. It is titled “Human Resource Management – Guidelines for Internal and External Human Capital Reporting.” The document is 35 pages long … [Read More...]

    Making an Impact Through Learning

    I hope you can join us in Dallas for our Annual Conference in five weeks. It will definitely be worth your time and investment. You will find a community of like-minded learning professionals who are passionate about the measurement, reporting and … [Read More...]

    A Look Back (and Ahead) on the Measurement and Management of L&D

    The end of December is always a good time of the year to take a look back and ahead of the L&D profession. Looking back, I think we are blessed to have some great thought leaders who have provided a terrific foundation for both the measurement … [Read More...]

    New Sample Reports for L&D Now Available

    CTR publishes sample L&D reports to provide guidance and ideas to practitioners. We are happy to announce that we've completely updated and revised these reports to reflect our latest thinking and the evolution of Talent Development Reporting … [Read More...]

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    Corporate Learning Week, Nov. 27-30, 2018

    Join us November 27-30, 2018 in Orlando, FL for a week of inspirational stories of L&D leadership, innovation, growth and transformation at Corporate Learning Week. This event will focus on powerful new tools and capabilities to help you … [Read More...]

    Attend Corporate Learning Week

    Demonstrating value to the business is old news. Nonetheless, demonstrating value to your learners is just as challenging. How are you meeting the expectations of the modern learner? Don't get left behind! Corporate Learning Week Silicon Valley … [Read More...]


    Renaissance  Birmingham  Ross Bridge Golf Resort & Spa Birmingham, Alabama Click To Download: Second Annual Business Writers Conference Brochure 2017 *  Build a business around your book. *Use your book to build your business.A Conference with … [Read More...]

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    The Greatest Issue Facing L&D Today

    by Ken Phillips What is arguably the top issue facing the L&D profession today? The answer is scrap learning or the gap or difference between training that is delivered but not applied back on the job. It's the flip side of training transfer … [Read More...]

    Portfolio Evaluation: Aligning L&D’s Metrics to Business Objectives

    by Cristina Hall Director of Advisory Services – CEB, now Gartner Using data built on standard metrics has become table stakes for L&D organizations looking to transform and thrive in a rapidly-changing business environment. A critical … [Read More...]

    Informal Learning Evaluation: A Three-Step Approach

    by John R. Mattox, II, PhD Managing Consultant CEB, now Gartner You may recall that roughly 20 years ago, eLearning was seen as the next new thing. Learning leaders were keen to try out new technologies, while business leaders were happy to cut … [Read More...]

    Telling a Story With Data

    by Christine Lawther, PhDSenior Advisor—CEB (now Gartner)Data is everywhere. In our personal lives, we are continually exposed to metrics. The number of "likes" on social media, usage metrics on every bill, and the caloric breakdown of burgers at the … [Read More...]

    3 Principles of Effective Learning Metrics & Measurement

    Contributed by Caveo Learning As more and more talent development leaders take a serious look at implementing meaningful metrics and measurement across their learning and development organizations, the business relationships and conversations … [Read More...]

    Take a Business-Minded Approach to Sourcing Learning Partners

    By: Gary Schafer President, Caveo Learning One of the most important tasks talent development leaders face is selecting outsourcing partners and product vendors. It also happens to be one of the most daunting. The learning and development … [Read More...]

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    CAVEO Learning (Instructional Designer)

    Caveo Learning is a learning consulting firm, providing learning solutions to Fortune 1000 and other leading organizations. We partner with Chief Learning Officers and other learning leaders to help them more closely align their L&D (Learning … [Read More...]

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